Margaret Bridgeford | Vibrational Kinesiologist

  • 10 years experience
  • Author of Eat….Think….Heal
  • Suitable for all ages and many health concerns
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Wednesday 9am-7pm

My life has been absorbed with food, farming and education, all of which have lead me down a path of natural healing.  I dedicate my time to human health with a focus on food and vibrational medicine.

I do this through teaching, speaking, writing and offering personal consultations, empowering you to “Let Nature Be the Doctor”.

My Food Philosophy:

Buying and eating whole food as chemical-free as possible, prepared in the best way for our bodies to digest.

For this we can learn from the traditional food techniques practiced by our grandmothers and left behind in our modern, industrial food system. I support traditional food preparation techniques.
Emotional health:
Taking responsibility for the power and influence of our thoughts.  Epigenetics now demonstrates what we have already known, we influence how our genes behave based on the environment that we provide for them. This environment includes not only our food, but also our thoughts, centred through the electromagnetic field of our heart. The heart influences the brain more than the brain influences the heart! And our bodies respond!
Releasing toxic emotional blocks:
These burdens show up in our health in many forms, both physical and emotional. There are many ways to release these burdens and let our bodies feel the benefit. I teach and run a personal practice for a discipline of vibrational medicine which helps to release these stored burdens. This discipline is called The Dawson Program.
How and what I treat: 
As a practitioner of vibrational kinesiology, I work with whatever concerns are presented by the client during the consultation and correctional process. Combining both ancient frequencies and modern kinesiology, there is no limit to the areas of healing in which the Dawson Program discipline of vibrational kinesiology can assist.For some clients, the request is for a ‘general overhaul’ where many symptoms are often revealed. For children, I typically work with

  • anxiety
  • memory
  • concentration
  • learning and dyslexia.

For adults, I typically work with

  • emotional concerns
  • issues of anxiety
  • digestive concerns
  • concentration issues
  • sleeplessness and insomnia

Margaret has been practicing for more than 10 years, and is also a national educator of the Dawson Program.


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