Everyone knows that smoking is alarmingly detrimental to your health.  Most smokers feel like quitting is impossibly difficult, but have you tried a multi-pronged approach to quitting before?

Dr Camilla Cameron|Acupuncturist successfully ran Australia’s largest quit smoking clinic of its time.  Camilla devised, implemented and trained over 50 staff in her highly successful quit smoking program.

Camilla has helped 1000’s of smokers say goodbye to smoking and hello to health.

The success of Camilla’s Quit Smoking method relies on its multi-faceted approach to help resolve all aspects of the smoking addiction.  There are many avenues available to help break the habit, but most only address one aspect of the addiction.  For example, patches address the physical addiction while hypnosis addresses the mental addiction. 

Camilla’s Quit Smoking method utilises a 4 step approach, all undertaken in one, 1.5hr session:

  1. Japanese, Electrode and Auriculotherapy Acupuncture is used to help reduce cravings, improve the detoxification process to eliminate nicotine more quickly from the body, and help improve the immune system.
  2. Vagus Nerve Stimulation
  3. Three supplements are used to help address any residual cravings, strengthen the immune system and rebuild the nutritional status of the body.
  4. Psychological techniques are utilised to help break the mental addiction to smoking.

There has never been a better time to quit smoking than now.  Do your body a favour and let one of Australia’s most experienced quit smoking experts help you get your health back on track.

Treatment Time Cost Item Code
Initial 1.5 hrs $495 (inc supplements) 103
Follow up 45 mins $195 203
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