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Come experience the profound healing of ACUSOUND 

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⁠⁠Dr Camilla Cameron, registered doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine of 18 years, and Lisa Dixon, intuitive healer extraordinaire of 18 years, combine their healing powers to bring you an incredible night of Female Chakra Balancing.⁠ You asked,we are providing!

Japanese Acupuncture

Dr Camilla Cameron, Women’s health expert, will utilise Japanese Acupuncture on specific Chakra points as well as moxibustion therapy, auricular therapy and foot massage.⁠

Choose your treatment focus:

1. Detox
2. Zen
3. Digestion
4. Vitality

These treatments may help to reduce pain, promote healing, improve physical, mental, and emotional health, and balance the body’s energy, leaving you feeling grounded and rejuvenated.  The use of Acupuncture enhances the benefits of the sound bath by guiding your body to a more open, activated state.⁠

Sound bath

Lisa Dixon, sound healer and guided meditation extraordinaire, will curate a healing sound bath designed to revitalize the mind, body, and spirit. Throughout this process Lisa will guide you through a deep meditation for a truly relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

We encourage a truly luxurious experience through a  comfortable, cosy and relaxed environment in order to ensure you gain the most from your treatment.  Each participant will be provided with a massage table, comfortable pillows and bolsters and a luxurious blanket.  Come join us as we guide you through a truly immersive journey!

The testimonials

What an incredible morning. ACUSOUND was a first time experience for me and left me feeling calm, clear and light. It brought balance back in my mind and its been a few days since and I’m still feeling clear and centred. I would recommend to anyone that is struggling with energy problems or not feeling themselves. 
Acusound is an experience that is difficult to define, but the impact of my first  session on my emotional state was tangible. I felt relaxed, calm, and stress free. These feelings weren’t fleeting or illusory. I’m an unexpected convert and will be returning for more. 
I really enjoyed it and felt a lot of benefits from the session. It was a wonderful opportunity to clear my mind and relax.   
I thoroughly enjoyed my ACUSOUND experience.  From the moment we walked in I could feel the sress of the day fading away.  Both Camilla and Lisa come with years of experience and this is evident in the treatment they provide.  The combination of therapies is something I have not seen anywhere else.  If you are wanting a night of relaxation and bliss, then this for you.  I highly recommend it and I can’t wait until my next ACUSOUND night.
I wanted to thank you for hosting ACUSOUND on Saturday, 24 August 2019. The session was unique; involving meditation, sound healing and acupuncture concurrently. I especially enjoyed Lisa’s guided mediation. Her voice was easy to listen to, coupled with powerful words that quickly guided me into a deep meditative state. Having not experienced singing bowls as a part of meditation before, I was pleasantly surprised by what they brought to my experience.  I enjoyed the way that acupuncture was incorporated into the treatment; responding to my personal needs and preferences. The benefits of the ACUSOUND session were immediate; leaving me feeling significantly more relaxed and balanced. Thank you both for hosting this wonderful event.  
It really was such a wonderful experience, I’ve told so many people about it and they all want to come next time.  I truly loved the combination of acupuncture with meditation and the sound healing was magical. I had never experienced anything like that before and I felt my energy change. All week I felt amazing with so much energy- the radiation nurses kept telling me I look far too healthy to be going through cancer treatment!

The details 

Spots are strictly limited to 10

Cost: $90

Location: City Cave, 7 Bayswater st, Paddington QLD (onsite parking)

7pm: short chat about what you can expect from your treatment
7:15: lie down on your luxurious massage table and needles will be placed according to your treatment focus (approximately 7 needles)
7:30: transformative sound bath, beautiful Japanese moxa therapy and foot massage.
8:30: conclusion of meditation, tea, chats and sample bags
8:45: conclusion

What to bring:
You and all your amazingness in comfy clothing, we will provide the rest.

How to prepare:
Drink plenty of water before and after your Acusound journey.  Be prepared to sleep soundly!

Click here, in order to hold your space a 50% deposit will be taken.

Full deposit refund will be granted 7+ days prior to event.

An administration fee of $25 will be held for any booking with less than 7 days days, but greater than 48 hrs notice of cancellation.

An administration fee of $45 will be held for any booking with less than 48 hrs notice of cancellation.