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Health advice from the comfort of your home or office:

Dr Camilla Cameron | Acupuncturist has over 20 years experience in improving the health of her patients.  Her areas of expertise and experience include:

Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS):

In the last 5 years Camilla has treated over 5000 patients with a combination of VNS and Japanese Acupuncture.  During this time she has also created the world’s most comprehensive at home VNS programme.  If you are wanting to understand how VNS works, how it might benefit you or just understand a little bit more about VNS before you commit, then a telehealth consult is the place to start.


No matter where you are on your fertility journey, you might just feel a bit lost.

You might be asking yourself some of the following:

Should I try IVF? When should I try IVF? What specialist should I see? What tests should I have? How do I know how fertile I am? How did I read a basal body temperature chart? Why am I not getting pregnant?

These questions are all normal and it is really important to get professional advice from an experienced practitioner who can help you answer them.

Camilla has seen it all in her more than 20 years of practice. Natural conception, IUI conception, IVF conception, donor conception, surrogate conception etc. Camilla understands the world of natural and artificial reproductive technology inside out and back to front. She knows which tests are important when, what questions you should be asking, which specialists are good at certain procedures.

Camilla is not affiliated with any particular fertility company. Her main aim is to make sure you get pregnant and you don’t waste time, money or energy. Think of this as your fertility advocacy appointment.

Supplement Consult:

Are you taking supplements but you are really not sure you are taking the ones you need or the right brand? Are you desperately searching for health improvements but really not noticing a difference with the supplements you are taking?

You have come to the right place! Dr Camilla | Acupuncturist, has been helping her patients improve their health through individually prescribed, high strength and quality supplements for over 20 years.

Telehealth consults are 40 minutes in length.  They  do not receive a private health rebate due to the fact they are not an in person consult



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